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Echoes collects and harmonizes data from connected carsof Europcar Mobility Group

Echoes, the first Neutral Server for vehicle fleets, announces its partnership with Europcar Mobility Group.

It symbolizes a common vision of telematics, focused on the exploitation of data from connected cars, and at the crossroads between mobility operators and car manufacturers.

• Telematics as a service

Echoes' value proposition is clear: access your vehicle data in a single integration whatever the brand and develop your business applications.

• « Connected Vehicles » program

Europcar Mobility Group, one of the main actors in the mobility sector, has engaged in the « Connected Vehicles » program, which aims to connect 100% of the vehicles in its fleet by the end of 2023.

• How does it work?

Some of Europcar Mobility Group's multi-brand connected cars are already natively equipped with a telematics system by the manufacturers, such as most of the new cars today. They are then activated via the Echoes Neutral Server. This one collects and harmonizes the data, using the integrated connectivity solutions of the different manufacturers, and this, without installing any additional device.

Mileage, maintenance, fuel level, accident detection... All this data is then returned as products and services that respond to the needs of Europcar Mobility Group.

• The Echoes company and its Neutral Server

Echoes is the result of 15 years of experience in telematics. More than 250,000 vehicles have benefited from the technologies developed by this team, which is at the origin of several platforms operated by the largest actors in car rental.

A pioneer and the first European partner of the major car manufacturers, Echoes has specifically developed its Neutral Server in order to collect, process and return multi-brand data from connected cars in a harmonized format for fleet managers.

Essentially based on the manufacturer's solutions for connected cars, Echoes offers different levels of services: CarCollect, which allows you to access multi-brand data via a single API; but also the CarLocate and CarFleet platforms, which are interfaces specifically developed from the data of the Neutral Server, to secure a connected car fleet against theft and optimize its management.

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